The Birth of a New Mascot

How an Adventure Ride out led to an idea for a RNDM-BMX girl’s clothing range!

It was a nice Sunny September day with a very gentle warm breeze filling the air. Although it was technically “Father’s Day today” that didn’t stop one of the Crew going out for a Ride. As he rode around for a bit, he stopped for a moment to realise that the day should not only be spent at the near by Park ‘he usually attended’ but rather on what is known to be as …. An Adventure Ride!

As he headed back to the Car to pack everything away, He was soon to hit the road and take a detour to a spot he knew had just recently ‘and very Regrettably’ Closed it’s doors thanks to this whole crazy Virus thing. Arriving at a certain facility, he drove around till he found an empty secluded section where he knew all would be ok.

Parking the Car then getting all his gear ready including a Helmet with GoPro fitted in place, and his trusty BMX Bike, he managed to find a nearby obstacle to overcome which would allow him and his bike to gain entry into a short Ally-way that would eventually lead him right into the place he once used to visit before Covid Officially hit.

Making his decent through the Ally-way and taking his bike with him over another few slightly more difficult Obstacles, he finally got in! As his feet landed to the ground he was overcome with a scene of Joy, A scene of Riskiness, and but of coarse, a scene of ADVENTURE!

This was it! it was now time to explore the area and see what it was like without anyone else in sight.

As he began his venture riding around with his GoPro filming away and visually taking in all that he wanted to take in, other mixed emotions soon starting to surface. Like the fact that the once filled up Parking Spot’s laid Empty and Bare, the once Happy Families walking around the Lush Green Grass, Monuments, and Playgrounds, had now been Stripped Away. And the Fact that the once very Alive Market Stalls where nothing but an empty shed awaiting an unknown future.

Seeing all this did not so much deter the Adventure goer, but rather made him think. “What Will Become of all this?”

Realising there was not too much he could do and the fact that there was still plenty to see and film, he kept riding around and around feeling Free and very much Alive.

There where also little cheeky Promotional Moments he took advantage of here and there, like placing one of the Product’s on a Sign Board before taking a few Sneaky (no pun intended) Picture’s, and also filming himself riding past his GoPro in certain sections of the grounds. Although a lot of fun to do, it was also one of those things ‘for once’ that did not need to be Stunt driven, or rather, Stunt riden for inspiration. :P

After many more hours of riding, the moment finally came when all felt like it had been reasonably explored to the point where there was not much else to see or take in. This making Home Time a fairly healthy option to consider.

So as he began to ride his Bike towards where he had first come in, something made him wonder if there was a better way out? After all, getting in was a bit of a hassle and surly there was something better at bay.

So as he turned back around and began to ride North he remembered that there where actually two Entry Point’s into this place and that maybe, ‘Just Maybe’ the other Entry Point would ‘hopefully be’ an easier way out.

Arriving at the other Entry point and making a quick observation of it, it seemed to be quite clear that it was not as promising as he had first hoped, so he ditched that idea and headed towards the Big Shed to see if anything else was hiding away.

“AHHHHAAAAA, BINGO!” He thought as he saw a very small, very manageable obstacle allowing his Exit a few hundred meters at the back of the Big Shed. So as he rode towards it and cleared the small obstacle he finally made his way out and headed for home, or rather back to the Car.

However before taking the official step to hit home, there was something quite Interesting that caught his eye. There in front of him at a very reasonable distance, was a building Complex that was begging to be explored. So without to much time to lose the Adventure goer headed down the slightly windy road and towards an entry point of this other facility.

On arriving at the facility, it looked to be some sort of fancy Office arena with not a soul in sight. So the Adventure goer continued his task by riding and filming some more. A little while in though he was caught by another interesting detail. There not far in front of him was an Underground type Car Park that begged to be entered.

SO…. Without further a do, he Did!

As he entered the Underground section he was taken back by how new it all looked, and even felt at ease while cruising his way down the fully empty car park as ‘after all’ it was sloped to his favour.

Eventually hitting the bottom of the Complex revealed some interesting details such as Wooden Crates and a Wired fence blocking anyone to enter a Big Quarry like cut out that looked as though it had been worked on for quite some time. It was also fascinating to note the automated lights that began switching on as he rolled his way down the concrete complex.

“Then came that moment! That moment when all of a sudden you feel alone!”

As the Adventure goer was near the bottom of the Underground Complex with the Wooden Crates just sitting in place as well as a wired fence which gave view to the fully worked Quarry. He Leaned his BMX Bike on the wired fence and took in a short breather. Then it hit him. As he began to look at everything surrounding him a gentle thought entered his helmet protected head, stating. “Wouldn’t it be so cool if I had a female soulmate that I could take with me to share such Adventure Ride’s as these”.

Although the thought seemed shallow at first, it started to come alive with emotion and passion as if the Adventure goer had now not only been standing there waiting to catch his breath, but almost like he was actually waiting for that special someone to show up with her BMX Bike stating that she indeed was very sorry to have run so late but reassured that she was here now and ready to share the RIDE!

These thoughts then led to something stirring inside stating “What if there was a BMX Clothing line specifically designed for girls”?

The Adventure goer shuttered at first thinking “that this was just not really possible” and quickly dismissed the whole thought process. But after taking a slight walk back and forth and reconsidering the whole thing for a second time, there seemed to be something about it all that made quite a bit of scene. Actually, it seemed to be a really ‘somewhat’ Great Idea!

This idea would then have Guy’s that are right into their BMX invite their girlies to come along and join them in something really cool. It could then be another way for the Boy’s and their girl’s to hang together while sharing the experience of an Adventure.

And after all, which girl can’t resist a nice tight pair of leggings anyways?

After taking in another short few breaths and eventually grabbing for his Bike, the Adventure goer knew it was time to move on and check out a bit more of the Complex before officially calling it quits.

He then did some other slight filming of himself before officially heading his way up and out the Car Park, exiting the Office Complex, and finally onto a windy road that would eventually lead him back to his Car meanwhile buzzing on the whole idea that this was truly a day he would never forget.

So where too from here? Be invited as we take you to another article (just below) that links the story of how Ms SnEaKy SMIRK eventually made her way into the RNDM-BMX family.

RNDM-BMX Boyz and girlz range!
Filling in the Clothing Gap for the Boyz and now even the

Hope you all enjoy.